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Klimno is situated in an accessible bay of Soline on the NE of the island, only 10 km away from the Krk bridge and the Rijeka Airport.

Klimno and its bay are mentioned in the Pre-Romanesque and Romanesque period, which makes them the oldest inhabited parts of the island.

Moreover, the eastern parts of the island are considered as the birthplace of Croatian literacy, since it is the place where the first Croatian script – Glagolitic script was created. Numerous Glagolitic signs can be seen in Klimno and a nearby town of Dobrinj. When in Klimno, make sure you visit the Church of St. Clement, dating from the 14th century.



Rich in natural resources, Krk offers you abundance of gourmet specialties to enjoy. You can savor homemade sheep cheese, prosciutto, homemade pasta – šurlice, renowned Krk’s lamb and fresh specialties from the Adriatic sea. At the end of the meal, do not forget the sweet delicacies prepared with dried figs, almonds, sheep and cow cheese or curd.

Regarding drink, we recommend local wine – Vrbnička žlahtina or homemade brandy made from the island’s essential herbs.


Within walking distance, only 10 min from Villa Elizabeth, on the shore between Solin and Čižići, lies Meline. It is the area of the Roman salt pans, nowadays widely recognized for its medicinal sulphur mud. Black mud proved to be extremely efficient in treating rheumatic and arthritic conditions.

Meline’s beach is shallow and sandy, the sea is warm and crystal clear, which makes it ideal for families with small children, as well as surfers and other water sports fans.



Biserujka cave or Vitezić cave, situated just a few kilometers from the Villa, near the picturesque village of Rudine, is one of the island’s cultural and natural gems. The cave was found more than a hundred years ago, but only with the new pathway and lighting did the interest for this underground gallery of stalactites, stalagmites and calcite columns started growing. The temperature in the cave is 10 – 13°C throughout the year. Its length of 110 m and the grandness of the space truly fascinate all who visit it.


This area has a lot to offer to the underwater lovers. On the seabed between Klimno and Šilo there is a wreck of the Greek trading ship that sank during a huge storm. Since the water is not deep in that part, you can see the ship’s masts when the sea is calm.

Organized dives to see the sunken ship start from Šilo.


The area of Dobrinj is known throughout the country for its folklore, regional costume, authentic music (played with sopile), dance (tanac) and singing (kanat).

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